About Constructors tools

Constructors tools are used to build the organizational infrastructure of our business.

Here we construct and document processes and procedures in the company. Then, we select the appropriate employees to carry them out. A separate tool is intended for recording our management team.



Constructors tools include:

  1. Processor
  2. Teamer
  3. Doers
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Click on the top menu and select Constructors (A).

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The Processor tool contains Processor & Tasker and Dependencies tools.

With the Processor & Tasker, we document existing and create new processes.

We create Hub groups of processes (if we opted for the Hub concept) and insert into them the processes we build by connecting tasks.

In the Processor & Tasker, we use the so-called TaskPacks. TaskPacks are a unique form of task grouping that makes everyday work easier and faster. TaskPacks are interconnected in the so-called sequences. Linking TaskPacks into sequences and into processes is easy. 

The Dependencies provide us with a powerful graphical representation of that connection.

We don't have to handle and draw complex diagrams. It is enough to indicate which tasks are interconnected, and the software will compile a graphic representation of those connections in a clear vertical format.

Then we can easily review whether our activities are well connected and whether there are any irregularities.

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One of the main benefits of Workanizers is the small but efficient team that manages the company. E.g. in smaller companies with only two people, in medium ones with about 5-6, and in larger ones with about 10 or so.

This is achieved by the fact that one person can represent several managerial roles at the same time. Everyone in the team has one (or more) managerial roles for which they are trained.

"Teamer" is a simple tool that helps us in the distribution and basic referral to certain managerial roles.

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Doers is a group of tools that we use to include employees in the organizational infrastructure of the company.

They refer primarily to employees who have been selected and trained to perform the tasks previously defined by the "Processor & Tasker".

It consists of 3 sub-tools:

  • Profiler
  • Matcher (in preparation)
  • Incentiver (in preparation)

These tools provide us with constant insight into what knowledge, experiences, skills, and personal characteristics of individual Doers are suitable for the execution of certain tasks.

In addition, the Doers tool has an important tool "Incentiver" that helps us build an incentive program for employees.