About Arena tool

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The Arena is a task management tool. This is the central place where the execution of all TaskPacks is planned, launched, and controlled in real-time, minute by minute.

Here we determine:

  • Who will perform the TaskPack,
  • What exactly they're going to do.
  • When they will do it,
  • Whether and how the TaskPack was completed.

This is called coordination. Here, it's clear who is working on which TaskPack, for how long, whether there are problems, and whether it is necessary to intervene.

Click in the top menu and select Operators (1). then in the left menu, click on Arena (2).

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A page with the TaskPacks to be executed will appear in the form of a list divided into several sections.

To begin, TaskPacks that must be executed are imported from the Processor & Tasker tool (3).

They are placed in the lower "Arena Ready" section (A), where Doer and Due Date are added to them. Depending on the assigned Due Date, the TaskPacks are automatically transferred to one of the sections above.

"Upcoming" (B) section contains TaskPacks whose execution is planned in the near future (e.g. the day after tomorrow, etc.).

"Tomorrow's" section (C) contains the TaskPacks planned for execution the next day. This is the most useful section. When we plan TaskPacks for tomorrow, we do it based on how the execution is going today, allowing us to determine exactly which TaskPacks should be executed tomorrow.

"Today's" section (D) contains the TaskPacks that are running today. It is a section that Doers have access to, and It includes their individual lists of TaskPacks that they must complete.

The nameless "hidden section" section above the "Today's" section is an archive of completed TaskPacks dating back up to 15 months, and it is accessible by scrolling the list. (Indicated with gray (E) in the screenshot above.)

After importing TaskPacks into Arena, they will be placed in the "Arena Ready" section. After they are prepared, depending on the assigned due date, they will automatically move to the "Upcoming," "Tomorrow's" or "Today's" TaskPacks section. Upon completion, they will move to the archive.

After assigning a Due Date to a TaskPack in the "Arena Ready" section, the software automatically transfers it to the appropriate time-specific section. The software automatically moves TaskPacks from one section to another based on their Due Date (for example, from "Tomorrow's" to "Today's" or from "Upcoming" to "Tomorrow's").

We can also manually transfer TaskPacks from one section to another by dragging them. When a TaskPack is moved to a new section, it will be automatically assigned the default date for that section.

TaskPacks in the "Today's" section cannot be removed or deleted as changes made during the working day can cause confusion for the Doers. Instead, they can only be canceled. While the software does allow the addition of new TaskPacks to the "Today's" section during the day, it is not recommended.